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  Arianna Maraone

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T hose ones who first start to love and then collect a graphic work, suddenly discover a world in which technical rules and transgression, tradition and experimentation get blended together in a continuous alternation. In the course of art history, many artists have dedicated themselves to the engraving techniques as a specific instrument of expression to obtain images in which matter and process get together in an elaborate mix, a unique process of elaboration and experimentation of sign and gesture. The collection that we are proposing was mainly born from the curiosity and desire of owning contemporary artistsí not marginal works. Since its first incursions and discoveries, the collection has gradually become a more coherent project, by meeting artists or engravers, art dealers rather than scholars. Yet despite renouncing to something important, it has, however, grown not only in daring and passion but also in study, even absorbing sometimes ephemeral collection art works. All of our artworks have a certificate of authenticity, and deal moreover with well known artists, even though the collection also winks at those contemporary artists who are particularly considered in the graphic art technique practice. The main aim of the showcase of such work is not only selling the artworks in a private sale (from private to private), but also popularize them and collaborate with other collectors and art lovers in order to create a net. Enjoy your visit.